What’s In My Gym Bag

Anytime I travel, I constantly get concerned that I have forgotten something or that I will forget something so usually I tend to pack way more than I should.  It must be the inner Boy Scout in me…always prepared.  However when I go to the gym, I like to cut things to a minimum.  Gym lockers aren’t very big and I don’t like feeling like I have to force everything in a tiny space.  I see a lot of people in the locker room with barely nothing and some with what I deem as too much.  If I go to the gym in the evening, I don’t need anything since I just drive home and shower but ever since I became a morning workout person, I take a bag so I can shower and get ready.  Being prepared is a must.  So, here’s a glimpse inside my gym bag.

I'm a minimalist

I’m a minimalist

  • Shampoo/Conditioner: I use Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness since I always put my hair up wet and into a messy bun.  Add this hairstyle in with some Tennessee humidity and my wavy hair gets frizzy pretty fast.
  • Deodorant/Body Wash:  Umm, isn’t this a given?  I usually use Old Spice men’s deodorant since it not only works better, but it goes on clear and has a scent that blocks odor.  I sweat a lot and can get stinky pretty fast.  If I can find some Dove Clinical on sale then I’ll use that, but Old Spice comes cheap and works great.  I also use Dove body wash and it leaves me smelling wonderful after a tough workout and moisturizes my skin, too!
  • Gum:  I find it near impossible to work out without chewing on gum.  When I run, I don’t even chew it but having it in my mouth keeps my mouth moist and I don’t get as thirsty.
  • Headbands/Hair ties: Usually the headbands I wear during my workouts get so soaked that I have to have a new one for my after shower outfit.  I always keep at least three in my gym bag.  Since my hair is thick, I need about three hair ties to keep my bun in place and nice and tight like I like it.  Sometimes they break, so I always keep a bunch of extra on hand in case that happens.
  • BodyGlide:  Need I say more?  This is not only crucial for me to put on before my workout, but sometimes if I know it is going to be really hot, I’ll put some on after my shower to prevent any sore skin from chafing more throughout the day.
  • Tiger Tail roller:  If I had a hard run or did a lot of leg work during a workout, I’ll grab the ole Tiger Tail and work it on my legs and feet to roll out any aches or pains that might pop  up later on.  It hurts so good!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Shoes/Socks:  The most important part of the gym bag?  Keeping an extra pair of socks in my bag is so crucial because sometimes I don’t wear my shoes directly to the gym and will forget to grab socks.
  • Smell good balls:  I’m sure there is a more proper and appropriate term for these, but they are just little round balls that have smell good stuff in them.  I put them in my shoes after I leave the gym and they keep my shoes from getting rank and also leave a nice scent in them.  If you have stinky feet like me, then these are awesome!
  • Outfit:  Duh.  I always keep an extra sports bra and pair of both running and compression shorts in my bag just in case.  Sometimes I would go back to the gym after my classes and didn’t mind putting on a previously worn shirt, but having clean bottoms and a bra was essential.  You never know when you might need it.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Scout Weekender Bag:  I have a more “sporty” looking bag that I’ll bring sometimes, but this is my go-to bag. It doesn’t look huge, but it holds so much stuff!  It is also made out of this slick material that makes it super easy to wipe down and it doesn’t attract any smells so it is perfect for the gym!  It has a side pocket that I keep all my little objects in.
  • Watches and a towel:  My bag always has my Polar watch with its heart rate monitor in it in case I want to use it during a workout and I always have my Garmin if I go for a run.  I also always carry a bath towel in my gym bag.  Our gym has fabulous shower towels that are huge and fluffy but they charge a dollar per use and I would rather save the money and bring my own.  My gym does provide key locks and sweat towels free of charge so that saves me from having to bring my own lock

That’s what’s in my gym bag…now tell me what is in yours!

6 thoughts on “What’s In My Gym Bag

  1. I’m a gum chewer too…I can’t run without it! I’ll have to look into that roller. I’ve seen “the stick” which is kind of the same thing, and I’ve heard amazing things!

    I don’t bring a gym bag…maybe I’ll start when I’m back at work and doing some runs in the morning there, but I tend to workout at the gym in the middle of the day when I can easily come home to shower.

  2. I LOVE that you used the word rank! That made my day for some reason. When I do bring a bag to the gym I have an extra change of clothes for where ever I am going after words. I also have some of the travel size shampoo and conditioner and a dove body wash. I also bring my own towel. the ones the gym provides will cover half of me. 🙂 I hope you are doing well!

  3. I have that same Herbal Essences set for when I’m done with my current shampoo and conditioner. Glad to see someone else uses it!

    Men’s deoderant may be worth looking into. I SWEAT. And I STINK after workouts. I swear my right armpit has a hyperactive sweat gland, because it will often sweat even when I’m not working out. Pit stain is SO embarrassing but common for me. Sads.

    I actually don’t take a bag to the gym.

  4. Love that bag! I don’t go to the gym anymore – I do all my working out at home (much cheaper, but I do miss the classes). When I did, I would have shampoo + conditioner, Secret deodorant, face wash, towel, shower sandals, hair things, headband, extra clothes, makeup for the days I went before work. I probably had too much stuff!

  5. I’m totally loving this post! I may steal (borrow) this for a future post on my blog (with your approval, of course)! My gym bag is a mess. Jillian videos, workout plan papers, braces, glide, etc. etc. More to come with the approval of using this idea on my blog as well! 🙂

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