Five Things Friday…On a Wednesday

Guess what day it is?!  Hump dayyyyy.  If you don’t know that reference then we cannot be friends.  I don’t care how annoying that commercial is, it is downright funny.  Lots of new things are going on and I just couldn’t stand to do a wordless Wednesday post so I’m gonna attempt to fast forward to Friday and list five cool things.  Go with it, okay?

  • Boot shopping.  I desperately want tall brown riding boots so that I can make all my Pinterest outfits work.  They are such an important staple to a fall wardrobe (coming from me, who is obviously an expert at fashion) and I just really want them.  The only problem?  My huge calves.  The boots that simply pull on will barely go above my ankle and the boots that zip up only do so about half way.  Curse you, large calves.  I did find a pair I liked that were “extended calf” and they fit really well and left lots and lots of space for my calves to be large.  The only downside is that they were 60 bucks at Payless.  I know 60 bucks is sort of reasonable for tall riding boots, but I have a hard time paying that at Payless since I’m not completely sure about the quality.  I’m going to continue to shop around and hopefully find some that will work for my calves.  1016boots
  • Ragnar Vegas.  After doing my first relay last year (Hood to Coast) which you can read about here, here, and here, I sort of really liked it and told myself if the opportunity came up to do another one, then I would be on board.  Well, luckily Nuun is sponsoring a Ragnar team to Las Vegas this year and I am a team member.  Fortunately some of my Hood to Coast teammates are also on the team and I believe we are in the same van.  We were short a few runners so I reached out to Brennan since I’ve been reading her blog for a while and she is a speed demon and she agreed to do it also!  So much blogger and Nuun love going around!  It will be my first time in Vegas and we won’t have time for much sightseeing but I’m going with the motto You Only Live Once and am going to try to see and do everything I can even if it means lack of sleep.   1016ragnar
  • Going back to school.  Currently I am in a graduate program to get my teaching license in order to teach English for grades 6-12.  Since I decided what to do with my life after my senior year of undergrad had started, it put me behind in the required English classes I needed to take in order to complete the licensure program and student teach next fall.  So, since I have to take just a few more undergrad classes so that I can be qualified to teach, I will be going back to the good ole University of Tennessee this spring.  It will be weird to not have 18 hours and to not live on campus, but hopefully I can just push through these last few classes and be able to rock out my student teaching next year.  Bring it on!  1016diploma
  • Cinnamon bread.  Not sure if any of y’all have ever heard of Dollywood, but it is our local amusement park.  We get season passes every year through my work and take advantage of them as often as possible. We prefer to go in the fall since it is a lot cooler outside and much less tourists.  No matter when we go, we cannot leave without stopping at The Grist Mill and getting cinnamon bread.  Holy cow it is the best thing you will ever eat.  I wish this photo had a scratch and taste option because it is seriously the greatest tasting thing of all time.  If you ever come to the area, do yourself a favor and get some.  Oh, and they are calorie free because I said so.  🙂  1016bread
  • Fat photos/Weight Loss Story.  I added a new tab at the top of the blog for weight loss story.  It has the basic run down of where I came from, where I went to, where I fell back, and where I am going.  It might be able to answer any questions you have had about my personal weight loss journey.  Check it out if you’d like.  But for right now, please tell me how attractive I was during high school.  This picture makes me see my weight loss in my face the most.    FAT

Happy Hump Day!  Now it is your turn!!  Share five things with me and let’s pretend it is Friday!  

9 thoughts on “Five Things Friday…On a Wednesday

  1. Check out 6pm. com for riding boots! I have huge calves too and J just got me a great pair from there reasonably priced!
    Yay for Ragnar! It’s the most fun ever! Sure wish I wasn’t going to be just a week out from my marathon because I’d have jumped on that.
    We LOVE DWs cinnamon bread especially with the icing. So so dangerously good!
    You’ve come a long way! Keep it up!

  2. Hey!! Okay, not sure I can get to 5 but here it goes:
    1- I have the same problem. The boots from Payless will go on super sale (for about $40) but their quality sort of sucks. I have to buy a new pair every year because they start “peeling”. With the money I’ve spent in the past 3/4 years, I really should’ve coughed up the $200 for a good pair that would last.
    2. OMG- Ragnar Vegas! You’re going to have SO much fun. Pretty jealous of you all.
    3. Dollywood sounds amazing.
    4. I found a super cheap half marathon ($22) that is offering finisher’s swag (I hope it’s a medal) that is this coming Saturday. Yeah, this will be an “easy does it” sort of thing.
    5. Your face!!! You are looking SO good.

  3. You look great! I want those Payless boots SO BAD. But I’m with you on the $60, it seems ridiculous at Payless. Also then I will have to purchase skinny jeans which will make it more like $100. I’ve heard a LOT of people talking about Ragnar lately, it looks really fun and I can’t wait to read all about it!

  4. 1. YOLO is so you! I have always said you live life to the fullest.
    2. Don’t settle on the Payless Boots. Google wide calf boots. Spend a little more. Take care of your feet. Trust me!
    3. It doesn’t matter where you came from. What matters is where you end up.
    4. Sitting in court is boring.
    5. I don’t know what Five Things Friday is. If Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is throw-back-Thursday, what are Monday and Tuesday ?

  5. I feel like we’re TWINS! Brown boots for fall? YES. Ragnar?! YES! English 6-12 grad school because it took until senior year to know what you wanted to do with your life?? DOUBLE YES. Seriously, my 2nd semester senior year I was like “Oh, yeah, I could teach…” Silly me.

  6. So jealous of you getting to run Ragnar! That is definitely on my bucket list. I want to apply to run with Nuun for HTC next year so any tips you have, is appreciate! We’ve been wanting to bring our girls up to Dollywood! It’s been forever since I’ve been there.

  7. 1. Definitely go for high quality boots – Payless ones aren’t going to last long, and even when skinny jeans go out of style, you’ll be using the riding boots again and again. I love because you can find great prices, but returns are not free. I would order them on Zappos where you have free shipping and returns, find the one you want, return them and wait until they go on sale on one of the cheaper sites. I got my Born Crown riding boots that I LOVE for $100 on eBay, but they’ll last me forever, and the leather is amazing.
    2. I found subway style pickles at the grocery store, and I’m beyond excited!
    3. I love sunflower butter – I tried it because of Run Eat Repeat, and I do love it.
    4. I’ve taken a break from running because of health issues, but I’m ready to get back in the groove.
    5. I bit the bullet and bought a treadmill that I’ve been saving up for. CANNOT wait until it arrives! I live in a tiny town far from a gym, and the roads get icy in the winter so sometimes running outside simply isn’t an option. Now, I’ll be good either way!

    Awesome for you on the Ragnar Relay – I love NUUN! Have fun in Vegas – it is one heck of a town. I went there for a bachelorette party, and it was awesome! Way to go you for how far you’ve come. All that matters is how you feel, and let’s face it, feeling stronger and looking healthier always makes you feel good!

  8. Boots are investment so i’d hold out for better quality. I just got a pair of boots at JC Penny that fit my calves… I was SHOCKED they were only $60 (they were on sale) Might be worth checking out.

    your weight loss is astounding, obviously what you’re doing is working- keep it up.

    You’ll LOVE the vegas run- remember to bring camera / phone to take photos while out in Lake Mead.

  9. previous post: SO happy for you and the non scale victories. I’m working on getting back to basics. The travel is starting to catch up to me I think.

    Agree with lisa-hold out on the boots. If you can find a Marty & Liz (in some towns in TN) they have great boots right now and cheap! and great quality.

    So jealous on Vegas. I would love to do it, but i know it’s a hard one….and my body can’t handle that terrain just yet. I had all the easy legs at Bourbon Chase.

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