Halloween and Race Week!

Greetings!  I hope that you had a very Happy Halloween and that you got a year’s worth of candy and enjoyed every bite of it.  My favorite Halloween (or any day) candy is purple Nerds.  Please tell me you love them, too!

For our Halloween we did Trunk or Treat at our church.  I teach a class of middle schoolers every Wednesday night but our entire church celebrated Halloween by giving out candy to all of our school aged kids.  TJ and I had a beach themed trunk and we attempted to make mine look like a shark’s mouth.  We cut a slit in the mouth and kids had to reach inside to get their treat bag.  The original plan was for TJ to hide in the trunk and grab their hands when they reached inside but that would have been a little too much.  Instead of costumes, we just wore matching Ron Jon Surf Shop t-shirts and handed extra candy out of sand buckets.

couple's costumes are the new thing, right?

couple’s costumes are the new thing, right?

My sweet cousin Caroline was the Cookie Monster and I think her trunk was the best.  It would have been a 10 in my book if she handed out cookies instead of candy.  115cookie

On actual Halloween night we carved pumpkins.  I’m not sure what that night was like in your town but here the wind blew so so hard and it was very creepy.  It sort of felt like we were in a horror movie.  My pumpkin was a standard jack-o-lantern and TJ made the Tennessee Power-T.  Let me say that I cannot stand carving pumpkins.  They are messy and gross and impossible to carve.  Does this make me the Scrooge of Halloween?  But we did it anyway and I’m glad because I love the pumpkins we created.  115pumpkin

In two days I will be boarding a plane to Las Vegas to run Ragnar Relay!  Nuun is sponsoring our team and a lot of ladies on the team are former Hood to Coast teammates.  I’m looking forward to catching up with them and enjoying some good miles.  I feel very unprepared and am hoping I can pull off each leg and not die but we will have to wait and see.  Without a doubt I will be the slowest person on the team but luckily we aren’t in it to win it and we will have fun no matter what our time is.  Unfortunately due to flight arrangements I won’t have very much time at all to spend exploring Vegas but hopefully I can sneak in a few hours of sightseeing and strike it big on the penny slots.  See you ladies in Vegas!

let's do it again!

let’s do it again!

How was your Halloween?  What is your favorite Halloween candy?  Ever done a relay race?

8 thoughts on “Halloween and Race Week!

  1. I don’t like carving pumpkins either. I think that they look really cool all lit up at night though! Good luck on the relay. I hope ya’ll have a safe trip and a wonderful race!

  2. I love your theme for the Halloween Trunk or Treat! I have done two relays! One with you and the other at So Cal Ragnar. My favorite candy has got to be Butterfingers!

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