My First Barre Experience

I’m all about trying new-to-me workouts and stuff that helps me be fit in a new and fun way.  In the past, I’ve seen a few people tweet about going to Barre class and have even had extensive conversations with my good pal (former blogger) Christine about her experience with it.  It looked like fun but didn’t seem like it would be a life-changing workout.  Plus the other major downfall?  It is crazy pricey.

Being graceful has never been my strong suit and my mother said it best when she referred to me as a bull in a china shop.  But Monday when I saw that a local Barre studio was having a day of free classes I hopped all over it, made a reservation, and was there super early to make sure I got me a spot in the studio.    

the outside.

the outside.

I’m one of those total type-A people who like to do a ton of research before trying something new so that I know what to expect.  (Un)fortunately for me, I didn’t do that for Barre.  I just showed up.  The studio was sort of small and extremely crowded but a really nice lady instructed me to get a small ball, 2lb hand weights, and a stretchy strap.  Is there an official name for the stretchy strap?  I don’t know.  Most of the women in my class were super toned and very flexible looking.  The back row became my friend and I hoped that I could at least pretend to be graceful.   

my, what cute ballerina feet I have

my, what cute ballerina feet I have

The owner of the studio was our instructor and she was obviously a fitness goddess.  She started playing the music and much to my surprise it was pop.  Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be like a ballet class complete with violin and piano accompaniment.  I could not have been more wrong.   Not even five minutes in and I was already feeling a burn and dripping sweat.  We did arm exercises with 2 pound hand weights and holy moley they were so heavy.  Why did it hurt so bad?  Someone please tell  me.   

awkward post class photo.

awkward post class photo.

We did combinations of planks and pushups and I truly thought I was dying.  My core burned so bad and my mat was slippery with sweat.  We did variations of situps with our small ball and between the instructor yelling tuck and squeeze I wanted to curse her so bad.  We finally made it to the Barre where we spent a lot of time on our tip-toes and I spent a lot of time with shaking legs.  Seriously, this stuff shouldn’t be that hard.  While at the Barre we used the ball and even got on the floor underneath the Barre to use as support for more ab work.  Eventually we went back to the center of the room for more ab work and worked on glutes and thighs.  I wish I knew the proper terms for the exercises we did but I just did whatever the instructor was doing.  116BARRE2

The energy was really strong in the room especially with extremely upbeat music.  Katy (the instructor) was really loud and had good cues and was constantly yelling out feedback and reminding us to stand tall and engage our core.  Everyone around me seemed to move with ease and grace and I’m over here like hey guys my abs hurt and so do all these formerly unknown muscle groups.  

Overall it wasn’t a terrible class.  I didn’t totally enjoy it because it was hard and not what I’m used to at all.  Fitness classes usually consist of cardio which is what I like but I’m always open to change. Going in, I totally expected a relaxing workout with classical music and lots of time spent at the Barre.  Even though that isn’t what I got, my abs hurt something awful this morning and I can still feel a sting in my arms.  Barre definitely works and if it wasn’t so expensive I would probably try it again.  Until then, I’ll be the bull in the china shop.  If you have never been before I would highly recommend trying it at least once just to see if you like it and if nothing else you will definitely get in a solid workout.  

Have you ever taken a Barre class?  Tell me about your experience.  

5 thoughts on “My First Barre Experience

  1. Too funny about your take on the experience. We do a barre fusion class at work- i think its the same thing, only there is no bar so we hold on the the backs of chair. the tiny ‘pulses’ we do on butts and legs is a killer. I’m slowly realizing, if something is burning after 1 class, time to go again so the muscles that aren’t worked by running can become toned. Glad you tried it out!

  2. that pain/soreness is good pain!! you worked hard! so proud of you for trying new things! barre is much harder than it works. i used to go (about 3 years ago) when Pure Barre first opened here but I stopped and switched to pilates (cheaper and not nearly as intense)

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