Second Chances and Mom’s Big News!

Has anyone been watching Biggest Loser this season?  I love that show and year after year the contestants get more and more inspiring.  This year, the show’s theme is “Second Chances”.  I love the idea  of second chances and people being given such great opportunities which is why you’ll probably catch me red-handed with a box of tissues every Tuesday at 8pm when the show airs.

Back when I started this silly little blog, I did so so the Knoxville community could see what the first ever Biggest Winner team was up to.  Feel free to read a little more either in the archives or in my weight loss story tab.  Obviously in the almost three years since then I have packed some pounds back on.  I have my love-hate relationship with food to blame for that but mostly just myself to blame.  Anywho, I’ve been really working to get back in Biggest Winner shape because what BW did for me was life-changing.  When this year’s BW application opened, my Momma wanted to apply.  She ended up chickening out so I applied for her anyway and lo and behold she got picked!! I was also asked to be sort of an “assistant coach” offering mostly encouragement and humble advice to new contestants.

you can call me coach kelsey.

you can call me coach kelsey.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime.  My mom will receive the gym pass, unlimited access to the two coaches (former Olympian Missy Kane and former Biggest Loser contestant Joe Mitchell) along with a personal trainer and dietitian.  Basically you cannot fail on this program and I am so excited for my Momma to get to be part of this year’s team.  I was in Vegas when they had the first team meeting but when I got back the team had their first photo shoot.  These photos will be used in publications and press releases for the marathon which makes them sort of a big deal.  I enjoyed being in front of the camera and it was fun seeing my mother get over her shyness and smile for the photographer.  He ended up getting a few good shots.

we could totally pass as sisters

we could totally pass as sisters

With my coaching opportunity, I get a pass to attend the local health club for free along with my sweet Momma.  This excites me so much because I contribute so much of my success to the time spent doing group fitness classes and training circuits and the gym.  Now I get a second chance to prove myself and get back to where I worked so hard to get three years ago.  Not only do I get a second chance, but I get to do it along with my Momma and support her and cheer for her and her deserving teammates.  I really feel so blessed with this opportunity and I hope that I can continue the healthy habits I’ve been working on for a while and get back under 200 pounds.



Last week my Momma and I took a Body Combat class.  I was worried she would hate it but she loved it and we have already made plans to attend another one.  This morning she had her “fit design” which was basically a personal training consultation where someone created a workout plan for her at the gym.  While she was doing this I took advantage of the free weights and the rowing machine.  I also did my timed mile since everyone on the team is supposed to record themselves so they can see improvement by marathon day.  Unfortunately I did it at the indoor track.  Note to self…12 laps indoors is a major snoozefest.  BUT when I finished my 12 laps and looked at my watch, I was stunned that it read 9:27.  Did I really just run it that fast?  Blew my mind.  The fitness classes seem to already be paying off and I am excited to see what training will do for me.

getting our sweat on!

getting our sweat on!

Momma will also be starting her own blog during this process so look out world!  Again, I’m so excited for this life-changing opportunity she has been presented with and excited to embark on my own second chance journey.  Big things coming our way and I can’t wipe the smile off my face.

12 thoughts on “Second Chances and Mom’s Big News!

  1. Congrats to BOTH of you! I think it’s amazing that you went ahead and submitted the application for her. Best of luck on your journey together and I can’t wait to follow your blog with updates 🙂

  2. after everything we’ve talked about, i don’t know how many times i can tell you how proud of you I am and so excited for you and your mom!! what an amazing opportunity to bond and show her the things you love!! Knowing you, she will win!! 🙂 can’t wait to follow the journey!!

    • Oh my gosh literally one of the first people I thought of when the team was announced was you and our conversation at Tupelo Honey! I really think that conversation is what really made me want to get her on the team! Thanks for always knowing the right things to say and for being so supportive.

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