Workouts This Week

It has been a great day of training for me this week.  Training has kept me busy and I’ve felt very strong and like I’m making good progress.

Monday.  Monday morning I did my weekly timed mile.  I did it in a time of 9:07 which was completely hauling booty for me.  Momma and I stayed around at the gym for the morning Pure Muscle class which was a great muscle burner. That night I lifted some free weights, rowed, and took spin class at the gym with some of the Biggest Winner team.

Go Team!

Go Team!

Tuesday.  During the morning I went to the gym for kickboxing class and a Body Attack class.  That afternoon Momma and I also walked three miles.  wlaking

Wednesday. Momma and I love our walking so we hit up the trail for another three mile walk!  I’m glad we did because that night at church was pizza and hot cocoa night!  Of course I had to have a lovely cheese pizza..just for me.  Home Alone 2 quote for all you weirdos who don’t recognize that.  Don’t worry, I only had two slices.  pizza

Thursday.  Yesterday was basically a day dedicated to working out. I hit up the gym yesterday morning for another timed mile and for a Pump class.  I went WAY above my expectations and ran a blazing (for me) 8:50 mile.  I haven’t run anything with an 8 on it since June and even then I thought I was going to die.  Pump class was a real calorie torcher and my legs screamed with every lunge we did.  Following Pump I headed over to the local Barre studio for a class.  I had a free coupon code so I figured I might as well take advantage of it since they are usually so dang expensive.  Barre definitely isn’t my favorite but at least I got some good muscle work in.  After a solid morning of workouts I went and stocked up on a few groceries and then met my Momma to go back to the gym for aqua aerobics.  Fun day!

Friday (today).  I have work today and then tonight I am volunteering at our church for the church directory photos.  I’m dubbing today as a rest day after a good week of workouts.  musclesHow were your workouts this week?!

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