I Love Exercise!

Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy.  Happy people don’t shoot their husbands.  They just don’t.  That’s reason enough for me to get my sweat on!  I love exercising and I love the feeling it gives me.  Lately since being back in a gym, I have been loving group fitness classes.  Something motivates you to not quit when surrounded by others regardless if you know them or not.

Monday morning Momma and I got up and got our 3 mile walk in.  We took the bike trail like we usually do, but we ventured off onto a road for about a mile of it.  This particular portion ended with a STRAIGHT UPHILL to the 1/2 mile turnaround.  Being ambitious I decided to run up which surprisingly I succeeded the entire way but I literally thought my heart was going to burst once I stopped.  It was intense.  But like I said, endorphins make you happy, they don’t kill you.  And I dressed all festive so it was hard not to be in good spirit.    1218socks

Monday night at the gym there is an awesome freestyle spin class taught by Biggest Winner team personal trainer and life coach, Chris O’Hearn.  Usually there are several BW team members that show up and it always makes class more fun.   I start sweating the instant my feet hit the pedals and I love being able to crank up the resistance at my own speed!  This week almost all of the team was there and it is so great that so many team members are coming together to crush their goals.  I really love watching my own mother step out of her comfort zone!

so proud of this team!

so proud of this team!

Yesterday morning we were back at the gym for kickboxing.  My favorite instructor was teaching so I was excited for Momma to take the class with me.  The instructor was telling us how she ran a marathon this past weekend and thought she had BQ’d according to her Garmin but missed it by SIX seconds!  Can you believe that?!  I felt so bad for her being soooo close but I know she will get it soon!  Kickboxing had us moving like crazy.  I used the gloves and bags like I usually do and Momma followed with the rest of the class.  Exercise is fun when you can do it with friends and/or family!  1218boxing

Today I’m off to finish my Christmas shopping and hopefully be done for the season!  Tomorrow I’m doing an awesome hill workout.  My fellow BW coach Bryan has constructed a training plan of sorts and was willing to share it with me and Brittney to help us train for a spring half marathon.  Brittney and I are also very much contemplating a fall half marathon also so I’m excited to see where training takes us.  Big thanks to Bryan for being willing to share his wisdom with us!  1218momma

Oh and I’m so excited to announce that I was chosen this year as a Nuun Ambassador!  The past two years of representing this company has been an amazing journey from running Hood to Coast in Oregon, blazing through the desert of Vegas for Ragnar, setting up hydration coolers and local training runs, or just spreading the word about a great product and even better company.  I’m thankful to be chosen once again!  You can get 20% off of Nuun products until the end of the year!  Just use code: ragnarvegas!     tats

Happy Wednesday!

12 thoughts on “I Love Exercise!

  1. I love that quote from Legally Blonde! It’s one of my favorites! I really want to take a boxing class, it seems like so much to beat the crap out of something lol

    • Everyone has a little Elle Woods in them 🙂 Boxing is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone. Punching something for an hour is really good therapy if you know what I mean!

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