Recap of the holiday season

Ho ho ho and happy day after Christmas!  Have you recovered yet?  It is hard to believe that one of the most anticipated days of the year has already come and gone.  Only 364 days until the next one.

I love shopping for others but often struggle with what exactly to get them so I usually just go browse a bunch of random stores and hope that something jumps out at me.  No, really, it would be so helpful if it literally jumped out at me.  Last week I went to the Nike Clearance Store in Pigeon Forge and found some banging new kicks for only 21 dollars.  Merry Christmas to myself.  I’ve been looking for some good shoes to wear to the gym so I can take fitness classes without ruining my running shoes.  Mission accomplished.

love these shoes!

love these shoes!

This past weekend we had our Knoxville Track Club training run.  The plan was to complete 4 miles but I ended up going 6.  We had quite a few people show up and I was inspired by so many Biggest Winner team members pushing for an extra mile.  Also, running with someone faster than you not only motivates you but massively encourages you to run faster.

pretty big group!

pretty big group!


TJ and I met our dear friends Brittney and Cameron in Knoxville on Sunday for The Living Christmas Tree.  It is a massive production put on by a local church that sort of resembles a Broadway show.  You would never even dream that this is just a church Christmas program.  It was so enjoyable and probably one of the only “Christmas-y” things I did this year.    dec26livingtree

Speaking of Brittney and Cameron, those sneaky little friends went and sent me a HUGE surprise on Christmas Eve.  I got a Christmas card in the mail from them and inside was proof of registration for the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon in October that we had our eye on.  I could not believe it.  There were lots of squeals and some watery eyes.  TJ had actually already known about it so he was able to share in the excitement.  I was totally surprised and oh so thankful.  Future reference, if you want to make a runner happy then gift them a race registration.  Thanks again, y’all, and cannot wait to run on the beach!

Friend of the year!

Friend of the year!

Christmas Eve was spent at my grandfather’s house for dinner.  We have done this since I was a little kid and it is one of the only traditions we have in our family around the holiday season.  This was TJ’s second year with our family.  TJ gets the award this year for best Christmas surprise because he ended up getting my sweet Momma the iPad mini that she has been talking about for weeks!  She was so surprised and I am thankful he got it for her.

thankful for this handsome fella.

thankful for this handsome fella.

I’m honestly sort of glad the hustle and bustle of the season is almost over.  I’m ready to kick off 2014 and get the party started with new goals and a lot less red and green.  Call me a Grinch.   Hope your family had a wonderful Christmas and that you are enjoying the season!

7 thoughts on “Recap of the holiday season

  1. it is FABULOUS your friends got you a race entry for christmas, even better that its later in the year to give you something to look forward to. Sounds like you had a great holiday season 🙂

  2. Race entry = hands down one of the best gifts a girl could get! =) Sounds like you’ve got great friends. I’m looking forward to 2014, too, and would like it if a fairy would come down and *poof* away all the Christmas decorations so I don’t have to do it myself. LOL

    • I know right? If I had the money I would gift an entry to all my runner friends because it is such a wonderful gift! Very thankful for such thoughtful friends. And if I could send you a fairy I would do that, too! Decorations be gone!!!

    • Thank you so much!! My closet only has three or four pieces that I consider “real clothes” so it was very nice to feel somewhat fancied up. I’m very excited about MB Mini especially after seeing your Kiawah pictures…running in SC looks gorgeous! If you see me please say hi…I’m super terrible about putting names to faces plus I’m always in the back so I don’t see too many people! 🙂

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