Way back in high school (not THAT long ago), I was editor of our school yearbook.  It was called Highlights.  While the name had been around since the school opened, I always thought the title was perfect since it literally highlighted the things that had happened throughout the  year and chose to showcase what we, the editors, thought was most important.  I haven’t written this week so today’s post will be highlights of my week and what was important to me.

On Monday, I took a spin class at the school gym.  I got there early so I did 2 miles on the treadmill prior to hopping on the bike.  It worked in my favor since I got my legs nice and loosened up.  I wasn’t crazy about the spin class itself but I pushed myself and made do with the situation.  Also…there are a LOT of bikes in this class and usually not many people show up so I got a bike in the corner by itself so no one would be near me but wouldn’t you know that some dude came and got right next to me.  Out of about 40 vacant bikes he got on right next to me.  Maybe the courtesy space is just in my imagination.

Tuesday was a great morning taking a kickboxing class.  A woman and I shared a bag (they aren’t the kind that hang from the ceiling) and we decided to sort of do our own thing which resulted in a ton of roundhouse kicks.  Holy booty that was a good workout.  That night Momma and I headed back to the gym for the Biggest Winner team’s first workout with a trainer.  I got in three miles on the treadmill with my pal, Bryan, waiting for the group to start.  For the workout I was on paparazzi duty which meant I got to watch them suffer.  The team did great and I was so proud of all of them and especially my sweet Momma.  She rocked some kettlebells and heavy rope slaps like it was her J-O-B.  🙂

love this team.

love this team.


On Wednesday I was back at the gym for my sprint workout.  I think I’ve mentioned it before but basically you walk .1 miles at whatever pace is comfortable and then sprint for .25 miles.  The object is to get in about 3 miles of sprints.  For this I use the treadmill (boo cold weather) and increase my speed by .1 each sprint.  On this particular day I really wanted to scare myself so I upped the ante on my final sprint and ran it at an 8.5 on the treadmill which is a 7:03 pace.  The fact that I held that pace in general scared me but doing so for a quarter of a mile was insane to me.    photo2

Yesterday I was supposed to attend a Sculpt class at the school gym but I was the only person there so the teacher cancelled class.  I could have been the star student.  So I headed to The Fort to get in my hill workout and ended up doing Pump also.  The hills are just walking but I increase incline every 30 seconds and then walk it back down.  I maxed out at a 15% incline and did the process twice.  Pump was great, too.  We did a whole lot of lunges which are probably my least favorite exercise but the soreness was well worth it.  photo mill

Today I plan on doing a longish (5-6 miles) walk and then rest tomorrow since my lovely friend Brittney and I are doing a TRAIL RACE on Sunday.  It will be her first and I’m so excited for her!  I have done one before and loathed it so I’m hoping for a positive experience this time.  Wish us luck!  Happy Friday and hope you all have a nice and long weekend.

12 thoughts on “Highlights

  1. Look at you! Sounds like an awesome workout week! Have fun and (try to) enjoy the trails this time. Dedicate them to #megsmiles and they will feel that much better when you’re doing them 🙂

    • Oh my goodness you are so very sweet. I don’t know about rockstar…but thank you so much for you kind words. It is so weird to hear someone say that I inspire them because I’m continually inspired by so many other wonderful people out there making their goals happen! Thank you!!!

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