Four Things Friday

What’s up, party people?!  Hope you are enjoying this final day of February and that the temperatures are slightly rising wherever you are!  What a whirlwind of a week this has been.  Brittney and I have been busy plotting out our races for the year and we have added a few unexpected ones to the race calendar.  It will be interesting to see how we fair and how far our training will take us.  We’ve been on our current training plan for almost two months now and we are seeing vast improvements.  Just two weeks ago, Brittney set a new 5k PR which is something she has been aiming at for quite some time.  I’m excited to put this training to the test and see what all we can accomplish this year.  Here’s some random tidbits from this past week:

1.  Long run Sunday!  Since I had eight hours of grad school classes on Saturday, I absolutely did NOT feel like running long that day so I used it as my rest day and planned my long run for Sunday.  It was gorgeous outside that day and I was thankful to yet again be wearing shorts and a tank top.  My goal was 8 miles.  The first two went by fairly easy with no trouble and were both in the low 10’s as far as pace goes.  After that I sort of fell apart.  I took lots of walk breaks which I am okay with, but part of me was not happy that this run wasn’t going how I had planned.  I did finish the 8 miles and was able to manage an overall pace of 11:39 which I will gladly take any day.   My dear coach and I had a chat last night about changing the strategy of my long runs each week so I’m anxious to put it to work this weekend and see how I do.  After the 8 miles, I met my Momma and our wonderful friend Yvonne for a four mile walk through Townsend.


2.  A great week in the gym.  Tuesday night we had group training with the Biggest Winner team.  Usually I help supervise and simply offer words of encouragement.  This past week was a smaller group so I got the opportunity to participate.  Our group did a “deck of cards” workout where each station had four cards laid out with workouts involved and we had to complete them.  Holy cow, what a workout.  I was sore immediately after leaving the gym that night.  All in all, I think my individual group did over 350 plank jacks, 200 crunches, 200 “tacos”, and more than 150 push-ups.  Whew, that was some hard work.  The team is looking awesome and hitting some huge milestones.  Less than a month until race day and I’m excited to watch them cross the finish line of their first half marathon!


3.  Officially registered for the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon Relay.  I’m doing the four person relay this year with Bryan, Brittney, and our friend Scott.  Our team name is Green Legs and Ham and three of us will be wearing neon green compression socks/sleeves and Scott is going to be our ham.  It will be too fun!  I’m the anchor leg which runs a part of the marathon course I have no experience with since I’ve only ever done the half.  It will be nice to be out there with some marathoners and bring it home for my team.  Oh, and our outfits will be awesome.


4.  Super fast times this week.  My weekly runs were on point this week.  On Wednesday I did some hard sprints for 6 X 400m and walked away with some very good times.  My splits were: 2:02, 1:58, 1:58, 1:55, 1:54, and 1:50.  I couldn’t believe it but I knew that I gave it everything I had so I was glad that my times reflected my effort.  Never before could I have dreamed that my legs would run that speed for five consecutive repeats.  Yesterday I decided to do a timed two miler instead of the normal single mile.  I kept splits for each 400m of it and they were consistently negative all the way down to the final lap.  My final time for the two miles was 17:31 which was out of this world fast for me.  Two years ago when I was on the rowing team I made the goal of breaking 18 minutes for the 2 mile but could never make it happen.  This is just evidence that the hard work and sweat I put into training is finally reaping many rewards.


I hope everyone has had a great week and that  you enjoy your weekend.  Next week I’m excited to celebrate Restaurant Week here in Knoxville and will be treating myself to two fine dining establishments with my handsome fella and a few friends.  I’m excited to say the least!


8 thoughts on “Four Things Friday

  1. Dang, you go girl! I love seeing/reading your progress. It motivates me to work harder too! There is something so fun about doing a marathon relay, probably because you’re not running the whole thing 😉 Nice to see you hitting and exceeding your girls! Go Girl!!

  2. I’m sorry about your long run, girl! I struggle a bit with my long runs too. I’ve been trying to take the first half slow and then speed it up the second half. The problem is it’s REALLY hard for me to start off slowly! oh well… you’ll get it!

  3. What in the world is a taco?? I love how you incorporate a variety of activity into your week 🙂
    Also, great job with the speed work!! Its not always fun during but when you have amazing times it makes it worth it!

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