Playing Catch Up

Hi!  I’m so thankful that I’m back here writing.  As you may remember from my last post, I took a long hiatus from blogging.  You all haven’t been updated in quite some time and I like that this blog is essentially an online journal of my life so I wanted to fill you in on what I’ve been doing all this time.  Below are just some of the highlights of summer and some races that I have completed.  I sure did enjoy lots of crazy adventures over the past several months.

  • Completing the Three-Way Challenge at the Flying Pig Marathon.  Back in the spring my (unpaid) coach/mentor/friend Bryan had challenged my best friend Brittney and I to complete this challenge at one of his favorite races.  The challenge consists of completing a 10k and 5k on Saturday and then running a half marathon on Sunday.  It was good timing and we jumped on board this crazy train and agreed to do it.  Boy, it was hard but we completely enjoyed ourselves.  I really struggled through the half thanks to unnaturally sore legs but just completing the challenge was a feat in itself.  We are already planning to return to Flying Pig next year only we are NOT doing the Three-Way again.  We also got to meet up with Lindsay, a fellow blogger that I found through Instagram.  She is just as fabulous in person and we seriously adore her.  Just another example of how blogging/social media can cultivate so many friendships.  Side note: a few weeks before the event, the directors sent an email asking if anyone wanted a sign to be made for them.  I responded with a sign that corresponded with mine and Brittney’s blog and surely enough there was a sign for us.  The guy holding it was dancing in the streets and acting so crazy so it was almost fate that he was the one to hold our sign.  Had he not been so wild we would have missed him.  I absolutely could not resist the photo opportunity.    photo photo (2) photo (1)
  • Setting a PR for the 5k on a trip to Charlotte.   After missing the mark on a 5k PR at the Spring Sprint 5k, I gave up on trying for the spring and shifted my focus.  We traveled to Charlotte for an impromptu birthday trip for myself and when I saw a 5k would be offered I decided to give it a try.  We got lost on the way to the race and when I arrived they had already closed registration.  After telling them I drove over four hours just for the race they decided to let me join. It was pouring rain and the start was a very long walk through a few neighborhoods so I didn’t even have time to do anything prior to the race.  I just hustled to the start and got there right as it was starting.  The rain was cold and since the whole fiasco of getting registered had stressed me out.  Somehow on this hilly course I found myself a PR.  My watch turned off from all the rain about a mile in so I had no clue what my pace was but I just knew I was ready to be out of the cold.  Thankfully I crossed the finish line with a new PR of 28:22.  The crazy thing is that I was too frazzled to even care.  After a suuuuper hot shower at our hotel that evening I finally felt better.  I’m very glad that I finally nabbed a new 5k PR after a LONG time of trying.  photo (3)
  • Directing a 5k.  This was my third year being a race director with the Knoxville Track Club.  This year I asked Brittney to help me since she is a little more Type A than I am.  We made a great team and the race went very well.  I had a grad school function that morning so I sort of led the morning charge and then handed the reins to Brittney.  She did a great job and it was a very successful race.  photo (4)
  • My Momma donated her hair and we rode the Virginia Creeper Trail.  You wouldn’t have known it by looking at her since she used to always wear her hair in a bun, but my mother’s hair was extremely long.  She has been growing it out for a couple of years and it was finally time for her to donate it.  My goodness she had a lot of hair.  I went to the salon with her and she had no problem at all getting it all chopped off.  I would encourage anyone who has ever thought about donating hair to absolutely do so.  We also went to Abingdon, VA and rode the Virginia Creeper Trail for her birthday.  This was a great long ride and since we didn’t really have to even pedal all that much, we got to actually enjoy the outdoors and take in some nature in a beautiful place.   photo (6) photo (5)
  • Ran a few races and met some blog friends in real life.  I was so glad that I decided to run the Expo 5k this year and hang out with some fun people.  It really is amazing how fun races can be when other people go with you.  It is always a great opportunity to catch up.  I finished in 30:25 but that was me trying as hard as possible that day.  I met a lovely new friend, Katie, from Instagram!  Her and her now husband were in town for a wedding and she ended up running the race.  It was great to meet her and watch her KILL it in her age group.  Hi, Katie!!  photo (7)
  • Took a trip to the beach.  Momma and I traveled with her childhood best friend and her kids to Myrtle Beach for a week of relaxation.  We made sure to get up every morning and get a run or walk in.  The week was spent getting some quality ocean time, eating good food, and just taking a break from the craziness of life.  One morning it was pouring rain so Momma and I ended up walking up and down the stairwells on our 14 floor hotel as well as running all the hills in the parking garage.  photo (9)
  • Worked Vacation Bible School.  My handsome fella and I teach VBS at our church each year.  This year we were placed with fourth graders and they were a fantastic group.  I challenged them that if they could all learn the week’s theme verse then they could each pie me in the face.  They rose to the challenge and I had whipped cream up my nose for at least a week.  photo
  • Enjoyed some water park time.  We got passes to the local water and theme parks through my work this summer and made sure to take advantage of them any opportunity we got.  I was thankful to always be able to go with friends and spend some time getting filled with chlorine.  One of the most exciting times was with my longtime gal pal Holly’s kids.  You don’t know joy until you take kids to a water park.  They were happy as clams.  photo 2 photo 1
  • Began student teaching.  After an entire year of graduate course work, I was finally cleared to student teach.  Luckily I got placed with a fun middle school not too far from my house.  I have a great group of kids and a phenomenal mentor teacher.  It has been quite an adjustment but I’m having fun and learning many new things.  Of course I made my mother take a picture of me on the first day of school just like every other parent does when their baby goes off to school.  It was an exciting day!   photo (11)
  • Started to enjoy the long run.  I enjoy running but absolutely LOATHE the long run.  Slowly but surely this summer I started increasing my distance.  The longest run this summer was 10 miles and that was done through run/walk intervals.  I also had a pretty stellar 7 miler this summer that I was extremely proud of.  Hopefully in the coming months I can get very comfortable with distance and work on getting even faster.  I have lots of plans for distance in 2015.  photo (15) photo (16)

Wow.  So that has been what I’ve been up to. Nothing terribly exciting but still a lot of fun in my book.  Fill me in on what’s new with you!

8 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Hi Kelsey! I even came and checked your blog a few times to see if I missed any of your posts! Glad to have you back and looks like you had an amazing running summer! Congrats on the PR’s and that triple race you did, that’ sounds HARD! xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Looks like a good summer! You are running like a gazelle! 🙂 I’m proud of you and you have me thinking of running again! I’m glad you’re smiling face is back to blogging.

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