Happenings Lately

First off, let me say a huge THANK YOU for all of your kind words, comments, messages, and texts on my post about my first marathon.  I loved going back and reading so many encouraging words on what was such a crazy event in my life.  You all are very appreciated!

It is graduation season here in Tennessee and I’ve been to several.  I was fortunate enough to watch my best friend from college graduate with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from our beloved alma mater.  The high school that I taught at this semester also had a beautiful ceremony where I got to see so many of my wonderful students celebrate this chapter in their lives.  Add in my former high school’s graduation and a few elementary graduations and I am about cap and gowned out.  It really is an exciting time in young people’s lives and I really do love attending.  IMG_7843

A week or so ago, I was able to volunteer at a race held in Knoxville.  This particular series rewards its volunteers with “race bucks” so if you volunteer then you get credit towards another race in their series.  I chose the course monitor position and spent my morning standing in the rain with a cowbell making sure that 10K runners knew where to turn while half marathoners continued on the course.  It was nice to get 80 dollars to use at a future race while cheering so many people on at the same time.  IMG_7989

The weather here in East Tennessee has been beautiful and I’ve been taking advantage of getting outside.  The evenings are especially nice and so my boyfriend and I recently spent some time at the river painting ourselves with river rocks.  If you ever visit the Townsend area, be sure to spend time on the water and enjoy all that nature has to offer. IMG_8019

This past weekend I ran in the Expo 5000.  I do this race every year but this year had a new course and I was also able to volunteer at the packet pickup before I ran.  Quick story: I have this really sweet friend that I met via Instagram named Katie and last year she was in town for this race and we met up.  Come to find out this schoolyear that one of my coworkers was her college roommate.  What a small world.  She was in town again this year and so we took a picture (of course we did).  This race was literally the first time I have ran since the marathon.  My body was super confused and I totally forgot how hard running really is.  Luckily I was able to have a really nice negative split and ran mile 1 in 12:18, mile 2 in 11:02, and mile 3 in 10:33 with the final .1 at a 8:35 pace.  I was pleased with my effort given my lack of running here lately.  Hopefully in the coming weeks I will get back to a normal routine and start running again.  My body definitely needed a break and so did my mental state.   IMG_8114 IMG_8126

Memorial Day was a huge success and I teamed up with my dad, uncle, and one of my students to play in a golf tournament. My handsome fella drove around spectating. All of the proceeds go to supporting kids’ sports in our small town which is critical given how funding can be limited with such a small community.  It was the perfect day to hit the links and enjoy crushing some golf balls.  Our score wasn’t as good as last year but at least we finished under par.   FullSizeRender

Today is my sweet Momma’s birthday so wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  She means so much to me and you all probably feel like you know her because I talk about her so much.  I love her a lot and hope she has a special day today.  Happy Hump Day. y’all! IMG_2686

1 thought on “Happenings Lately

  1. Glad to see you’re recovery is going well! Tell your Momma Happy Birthday, pretty please! I think I should volunteer for a race soon, I’ve been saying that for awhile, but since I’m not running that much – might as well do it now 🙂 xoxo, ganeeban

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