Keeping Up with Kelsey Podcast Episode 11 with Jess Hofheimer: Pace of Me

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Episode 11: Jess Hofheimer


Jess Hofheimer is a mom of 3 from North Carolina. She owns her own run coaching business and is a Pilates instructor at a local studio. Jess is an experienced marathoner and has run the Boston Marathon. On episode 11, she opens up about overtraining, her eating disorder, GI issues, and overcoming a major foot injury.  Jess is real and authentic as they come and her vulnerability on this episode to share her story is inspiring.  We talk about what marathon she is training for, how she fuels during a marathon, and about her friend Drea who has ALS. Enjoy listening to Jess’s story.

Mentioned in the show:

Philadelphia Marathon

How to Train For and Run Your Best Marathon

Wrightsville Beach Marathon

Marine Corps Marathon


Endurance Planet Podcast

Deep 30 Protein Powder

Muir Energy

Boston Marathon

Evolve Pilates

Jessica’s Online Store


Team Drea

Blackfish Movie


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