Keeping Up with Kelsey Podcast Episode 20: Mirna Valerio (@themirnavator & Fat Girl Running)

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Episode 20: Mirna Valerio


Mirna Valerio, known on the interwebs as The Mirnavator, is a superstar who truly does it all! Having been featured in National Geographic, NBC Nightly News, Runner’s World, Elle, Self, and Outside Magazines, being the cover model and a regular contributing author for Women’s Running Magazine, and writing her own book, A Beautiful Work in Progress, it is safe to say that she is well known in the running community.  Mirna serves as a Spanish teacher, cross country coach, choir director, and much more at a boarding school in North Georgia.  Trails are this girl’s best friend and she has quickly became an icon for plus sized runners.  I have personally been deeply inspired by Mirna’s accomplishments and how she has changed the status quo for us fat ladies.

In this episode, we talk about her book, her new crazy life that is full of speaking engagements and book tours, her recent experience at the Boston Marathon, her decision to take on a running coach for her training, the pressure that comes with being the “face” of plus sized running, and what she has planned for the rest of this year.  Mirna has an infectious laugh and a truly charming personality.  You are going to love her in this episode and want to become her best running friend!


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REI Book Tour


REI Documentary


Lifetime Athletic

Boston Marathon

Hyland’s Health

Coach Mike

Boston Jacket

Adam Welcome

Golden- by Jill Scott

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