Keeping Up with Kelsey Podcast Episode 23: Derrick Crabtree

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Episode 23: Derrick Crabtree


This episode features my fellow teacher and very dear friend, Derrick Crabtree.  Derrick and I teach 8th grade in rooms that are side by side and are great friends outside of work.  He is a husband, father of 2, podcast host, and a runner.  Derrick shares his story of how he got into running in the first place, his love/hate relationship with the sport, how he’s learned to be mindful in his running, and what it is really like being a teacher.  Stay tuned until the end where he shares the craziest thing that he’s seen in his 8 years of teaching.

Derrick offers a unique perspective of running as he sees it as an extremely personal experience and for those reasons does not particularly enjoy running races.  We talk about running your own race and how advice from others isn’t always a good thing.  In addition to being a runner, Derrick also hosts his own podcast, Top Tenn Teaching.  His show is designed around education and is interview based, so if you’re a teacher then take a listen.  I hope you enjoy my conversation with Derrick Crabtree!

Mentioned in the show:

Knoxville Marathon

Nike Plus Run Club


Top Tenn Teaching Podcast

Google Teacher Tribe

Matt Miller

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