About Me

Welcome to Go Girl! I’m Kelsey, the face behind the screen. I’m a twenty-something gal from East Tennessee working hard to crush my goals.  I teach 8th grade English and am married to a super sweet husband.  I’m currently in training for an ultramarathon on March 17.  My ultimate goal is racing the states; so far I have knocked out 16 with hopes of reaching all 50 before I die.  Clearly, I’m in no rush. I’m 33 half marathons deep and don’t plan to slow down.

I am a proud plus size runner who doesn’t let my weight stand in my way. Unfortunately, I’ve spent too much of my life trying to be smaller when I should have been appreciating my worth just the way I was.  I plan to spend 2018 getting stronger both physically and mentally. If I happen to shed some pounds in the process, great, but if not, I will be happy knowing that I have actively worked towards being a stronger woman.

I recently started a podcast called Keeping Up with Kelsey. It can be found on:
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If you have any guest suggestions, feedback, or tips for the podcast, please check out my podcast tab at the top of the blog.

You can reach me through the contact form at the top of the blog or directly by email: thegogirlblog@gmail.com


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