The End of Scaleless Summer

Well, Labor Day has passed.  Does this mean summer is officially over?  I hope not since it is still in the 90’s here in East Tennessee but summer is coming to a close.  Back at the end of June, I wrote a post about giving up the scale for the remainder of summer.  Sound familiar?  Basically I just decided to stop weighing myself until Labor Day in an effort to enjoy summer activities and summer foods without feeling guilty about it thanks to a silly number on a scale.

It was actually pretty fantastic and I loved not having guilt associated with my food choices and not having the shame that comes along with a not so great weigh-in.  Did I go all nuts and eat the farm?  No, but I certainly didn’t say no to a s’more or a hamburger at a cookout.  Balance, ya dig?

While my heaviest at the beginning of summer was around 235, I did a final weigh-in before saying goodbye to the scale and it had me at 228.  Starting with a new decade was a perfect kick off to a scaleless summer.  I mentioned that I had no definitive goal for the summer other than to maintain and not gain.  I probably could have done a lot more during the months of July and August but I worked out when I could and didn’t go completely overboard on eating.  There was no guilt revolving around numbers or food choices and that alone was very liberating.  Doing a scaleless summer was probably one of the best decisions I have made.

You are probably wanting to know the results, right?  Well I weighed in the morning of Labor Day and lo and behold the scale had another new decade.  Hello 218!!!!  Ecstatic might be an understatement.  I lost exactly 10 pounds during the time I did a scaleless summer and 17 pounds since the real beginning of summer.  That’s a success!   Yes, the number on the scale makes me so happy and I’m so thankful to have shed some pounds this summer even though the main goal was to maintain but I’m even more happy that I attained successful weight loss by simply being me and not depriving myself and not feeling guilty and ashamed.  That was the main purpose of ditching the scale.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While I continue to focus on weight loss I will definitely be weighing myself from time to time to keep tabs and chase my never-ending goal of having a weight that begins with the number one but I will no longer be fixated on the idea of weighing myself and running to the scale to validate myself.  The scale just isn’t a priority anymore.  So, that’s what scaleless summer did for me and I will for sure be doing this again next summer.

Have you ever given up the scale?   Ever lost weight due to giving up the scale?  How do you deal with numbers and scale obsession?

A Break (Weigh in)

Today is the first day of my Christmas vacation!  See ya next year, UT! I’m looking forward to winter break and having time to relax and not worry about writing 20 page papers and putting together group presenatations.  I have a daunting schedule in the spring so hopefully I will have some major RnR (not rock n roll) time in the coming weeks.

I have incorporated small amounts of exercise into my routine this past week.  I was able to get two three mile walks in which felt great, and I’ve been doing my group fitness instructor training which leaves me a little sweaty.  I don’t want to jump right in to hours and hours of exercise a day because 1) that is unhealthy, 2) I don’t want to get burnt out, and 3) it is completely unrealistic.  Adding in small doses has been pivotal in keeping up with a good exercise regime.  It will take time to build up to where I would eventually like to be, but good things take time. 

matchy matchy to go walking!

matchy matchy to go walking!

Eating has been going great…I eat breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, a snack, dinner, and then one snack a little before bed so I won’t get up and graze in the middle of the night.  This weekend me and my handsome man went out to eat and went to a local basketball game.  I was a little scared about eating out but I did agree before the whole process started that I was allowed one cheat meal per week.  Justification, yes?  I browsed the online menu before we went in so I could pick something relatively low in calories.  But at Olive Garden, that’s really not an option.  I settled for the ravioli and only ended up eating half of my plate.  And two breadsticks.  The best part was that I felt no guilt eating this.  One meal per week isn’t going to kill me and I didn’t even go overboard.  Eating out this weekend taught me that I do have the ability to exercise self control when I execute it correctly. 

homemade turkey parm with a banana

homemade turkey parm with a banana

Christmas came a little early for me this week…Amazon had the Garmin 410 on sale for half price with free shipping so after a little cohersion, I convinced my sweet Momma to buy it for me as my Christmas gift this year.  It shipped the same day I orderd it so hopefully it will be making its way to my mailbox very soon.  Speaking of my Momma, she completed her second half marathon this weekend!  She did the Santa Hustle and set a PR from her last race!  I’m wicked proud of her getting out there and walking the whole thing.  Go Momma!

Drumroll please…..this week’s weigh in.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I haven’t actually exercised all that much.  My eating has been good but after a huge 10.8 pound loss last week, I wasn’t expecting too much.  So here is what the scale had to tell me this week:

Heaviest weight: 252 lbs
Last weigh in: 232.0 lbs
Today’s weight: 231.4 lbs
Weekly weight loss of 0.6 lbs

Not the number I was looking for, but my body has adapted to a healthier diet and I have not completely incorporated in exercise yet so the number is not that disappointing.  Also, it is “that time” for me right now so water weight could be at a higher level than normal.  Still, any loss is a good loss so I am very happy. 

Six Days (Weigh-In)

My last post poured my heart out to the world wide web.  The comments and emails and text messages that were sent from such supportive and encouraging people really made me want to succeed even more.  Thursday night after writing that post, I stopped by the grocery store and picked up some healthy eats.  Although my goals are long term, I’m focusing on short term goals to reach the goals that may take a little longer.  The main goal for this week was to make changes to my diet and drink lots of water.

I chose to refrain from truly exercising this week in an effort to see how much diet alone can actually affect someone who starts to make small changes.  So starting last Friday, I drank at least one gallon of water per day along with clean eating.  I know losing weight means sometimes avoiding the scale but since it being the first week I could not bear the thought of not seeing the progress in the numbers.  Each day got smaller and smaller.  I ended up walking about 4 miles one of those days for a social hour so I wasn’t completely sedentary.  Six days went by fast.

After stepping on the scale this morning, I was blown away by the progress that just a week had brought on!  Being able to weigh in and then write about it here in such a public place was extreme motivation and I am so thankful to have so many people in my corner rooting for me.  So, without further adieu, here is this week’s weigh in!

Heaviest weight: 252 lbs
Last weigh in: 242.8 lbs
Today’s weight: 232.0 lbs
Weekly weight loss of 10.8 lbs


Can you believe that?  Diet alone can cause such great things to happen!  Eating clean does the body good and I already feel so much better in a week’s time.  I realize that losing a mass amount of weight at one time isn’t realistic and that most of this weight was just water and other toxins being flushed out of my body.  Next week might not yield any weight loss at all.  But seeing myself 10 pounds lighter in six days is motivating and encouraging. I’m looking forward to getting some miles in this next week since I have a 5k planned for New Year’s Day.  Baby steps, right?