Back in October, a coworker reached out to me about starting a podcast for our classrooms, school, and school district. At first, I was really opposed to the idea, but I decided to be open minded and began doing some research.  After about a month of spending hours reading blogs and forums, watching YouTube videos, and listening to different genres of podcasts, I decided to take a leap of faith and begin my own that was related to running, fitness, running races, being plus sized, and finding balance in life.

It took a lot of work to get things off the ground, but here we are. My podcast is called Keeping Up with Kelsey and it is aimed to motivate you to be your very best self regardless if that includes running/walking. I interview compelling guests and the show is about letting women (some men in the future) share their stories. I like to let  my guests talk as much as possible and try to keep my speech to a minimum.

If you like running, walking, fitness, traveling, doing races, living life, or just listening to people who make you feel good, then my podcast is for you.  It can be found on :




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