whirlwind of a week.

Where has this week gone?  I haven’t blogged and have barely even been at my computer.  Lots of crazy happenings this past week. Although my schedule has been a little unforgiving, tomorrow starts a new week and I can’t wait to get back into a regular exercise program, combined with healthy eating.  I also cannot wait for a little r&r.

 So, this past week I… went to a Jersey Shore theme party.

snooki's twin, only 11 inches taller.


I had three exams at school.

that's right.

I had lunch with my friend Robyn.  No photo evidence of that, unfortunately.

I housesat over the weekend, and the house came with a dog.  Package deal.

taking the dog on one of many walks. big deal for me since I used to have a phobia of dogs.

 I hosted a baby shower for my childhood best friend who is now married and expecting her first baby.

baby Ava can make her appearance anytime.

And we put out our preview of Christmas at the store I work for.  The girls and I ordered Chinese take out and we sat in the floor in a circle and ate out of our boxes and tried to make fun of our fortunes.  I’m so blessed to work at such a joyful store. 

sooo much food.

Christmas came early for Dandy Lions


I’m hoping to get back in the swing of things this week since I’ll be home a lot more.  Lots of time for running and exercising!!  Hold your breath because this week, I’m going to physically run some miles.  Don’t doubt.  I’ll still walk and stuff, but I’m going to start back running so I can train for my first full in the spring!!  YAY!