Kansas/Kelsey Squared Trip

A while back when the blog was featured on SkinnyRunner I met a fellow blogger who was virtually the same exact person as me…right down to the same name/same spelling.  Kelsey is my long lost twin who just happens to live in Kansas! (To spare the confusion of people thinking I am referring to myself in third person, we will respectfully refer to sweet Kelsey as K1).  So when I found out about a half marathon she was doing in her little Kansas town I began researching.  The race was cheap and I would have a place to stay plus have some great company but the cost of travel was just too much.  When the end of the semester grades came out and I discovered that I had made the Dean’s List, my dad opted to buy me a plane ticket as a reward and just like that I was Kansas bound.  Look out, Dorothy.

early morning wake up call.

My dad and I took the three hour drive to Nashville and before I knew it I was in the air headed to knock off state number three on my fifty state quest.  After a long layover in Cincinnati, Kansas welcomed me with open arms.  This was my first time ever traveling like this to meet another blogger so I was a tad nervous but worry was quickly washed away when I saw a friendly face waiting for me at the arrival gate.

Que girl’s weekend.  K1 gave me the grand tour of Kansas including a life changing trip to Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ.  I love eating at local joints when visiting a new place and this restaurant definitely hit the spot.  The line just to order was about 40 people deep.  So incredibly worth it.

standing in line for Oklahoma Joe’s

We hit up packet pick up at the local Dick’s Sporting Goods.  This particular location was two stories.  I repeat, two stories.  Complete with an escalator.  My life is now complete.  The lady at registration told us if we displayed something cow related on race day then we would get a free t-shirt.  Good insider information.

packet pick up.

After eating our little hearts out it was an early bedtime (for me at least).  Sleeping in the next morning was heaven on a stick.  K1 wanted to know what my Tennessee dancing skills were all about so we went to her gym that morning for Zumba.  Great gym, great instructor, and great energy.  My dance moves?  Not so much.

the epitome of the zumba class. me trying to have swag while K1 looks like a pro.

Afterwards we went to Downtown KC to indulge in Yogurtini.  Puts anything in Knoxville to shame.  Their bowls even hold 32 ounces.  I was so drunk on the fro-yo, but K1’s “bucket” was beyond anything I could have concocted.

doesn’t even do it justice.

Downtown featured lots of shopping and people watching.  Monks even stand on the corner playing the accordion for tips.  I was able to purchase a few things from stores that we don’t have here locally.

shopping downtown.

I was able to experience a lot of “firsts” on this trip.  The first first being a trip to Trader Joe’s.  Is it shocking that I’m a blogger and have never been to TJ?   I think yes.

TJ, come to Knoxville!

Another first would be my very first time on a motorcycle.  Cruising down the highway going about 75 miles per hour on the back of  a two wheeler put the fear of God in me but it was a great new experience.

first time on a two wheeler.

On the way home we swung by Chick Fil A to redeem a free sandwich coupon we got in our race packets.  This was definitely the perfect pre race meal.  K1 rocked it and created the biggest salad I’ve ever seen in my life as her pre race.  Props to her for putting down so many greens.

pre race goodness.

Before we knew it…bedtime.  I’m a real granny when it comes to getting sleep.  I prefer at least nine hours a night so getting to bed early on race night was super imperative for me.  I was out like a light as soon as I laid down…just ask K1. But, we had a half marathon to run the next day…

Coming tomorrow: Race Recap!