Gifted Runner (Giveaway)

There is not much more that I love than giving a good gift.  Sure gift cards are great but actually taking time to think about the person and buy something that you genuinely believe they will love and enjoy makes it so much more personal.  When it comes to runners it can often be hard to find something that is tangible enough for them to use.  Even if all runners “needed” were shoes, how would you know which size to buy?  So here is a list of cool things to get that special runner in your life.

1.  Fuel:  There are so many different fueling options out there!  Most runners tend to know what works best for them but even if you choose something at random, chances are they will give it a shot.  You can purchase fuel online, at a running specialty store or even your local WalMart or Target.  Some of my favorite fueling options are Gu, Gu Chomps, Sport Beans, Honey Stinger chews, and Clif Bar.  These make a perfect addition to any gift or are great just by themselves.

optimal fueling.

2.  Headbands:  My hair is always in a ponytail (even when I am not running) and having something to push those stray hairs out of my face is a must.  Even on days when I’m dressed in “normal” attire (jeans) I almost always have a headband in my hair.  My favorite kinds are Sweaty Bands and BIC bands.  I’ve also tried Active Bands and Chica Bands.   They compliment any outfit and can literally be ordered in hundreds of designs and colors.

just a few of my bands adorning my closet

3.  Phone cover:  My awesome friend Robyn surprised me with an amazing personalized phone cover for my birthday.  Once getting over the fact that it had my name on it, I realized that it had random running quotes on the back of it!  How neat?  Most people constantly have their phones with them so what better way to accessorize?  Plus, it is a great conversation starter!  Since this gift is personalized it will show that runner that you actually put some thought into their gift.

The phone cover that I currently have...featured in Fitness

4.  Nuun:  I only drink water.  Every now and then after a big race I might have a cup of Powerade if it is available but I mostly stick to water.  Proper hyrdation is a big issue runners face but water can often be boring.  The solution?  Pop a Nuun tablet in your water bottle and let the flavor take over.  My favorite flavors are Grape, Tropical, and Fruit Punch.  Nuun comes in an easy to carry tube so you can pop it in your gym bag or backpack.  Definitely a great gift for anyone!

it is Nuun somewhere

5.  Race entry fee:  Races are a great way for runners to show off their hard work and training but often come with a hefty price tag.  Even a small 5k can run at least 20 bucks.  If a local race is coming up or if a runner friend of yours has their eye on another one then you can pay their race entry fee.  A cute way to do it could be to either sign up for them (might want to talk it over with them first) or get a brochure from the event and enclose the right amount of money inside of it.  I had a friend sign me up for a race that I purposely did not sign up for due to the cost.  This gift is a great gesture and also personal.

the favored gift of race entry.

6.  Magazine subscription:  I’m a sucker for a good running or fitness magazine.  Typically you can get a year’s subscription for under 20 bucks.  This is a great surprise if you know the person’s address because they will automatically be sent to them with you footing the bill.  Plus it lasts for 12 months so it is a gift that keeps on giving.

good reads.

7.  RoadId:  I had my eye on a RoadId for quite some time but luck beat me to buying it.  I won a gift card at a 5k for one and ended up getting a cool purple one.  I’m not a fan of running with my phone and sticking your id in your shoe or bra can sometimes be a pain so RoadId is a great option.  It might even make you feel better knowing your runner friend is running with proper identification.  They are very cost friendly and some are even fashionable to be worn without running attire on.


These are just a few suggestions of things that I love and would give to a runner friend.  These all are great options too if you know someone just starting to run or is possibly thinking about running.  Gifts can be huge motivators and show someone that you thought of them.

GIVEAWAY TIME!!!  So…since I love you so much I’m going to send a few gifts of my own.   Five lucky people will win one thing from the following:

  • One tube of Nuun
  • Sports Bean packets
  • Honey Stinger Chews
  • Headband
  • Bagtag (for your gear check bag or gym bag)

To receive an entry, simply post a comment telling me what is the best running related item you have ever received.  You can also tweet about it to tell your friends (@thegogirlblog) or mention it in a blog post to receive one additional entry.  Be sure to tell me both things in one comment.  Winners will be chosen at random on April 30 at midnight.  Yay for gifts!