You Are an Outfit Repeater

If you have never seen the Lizzie McGuire movie and do not know this quote from Kate Sanders then you really are missing out on life.  I love this movie and I love that quote mostly because it is so very true of myself.  I admit, I am an outfit repeater.  Most days you will find me wearing some sort of spandex and rocking out a sports bra. Workout clothes are comfortable and I like to wear them. On a “good fashion day” for me I am usually wearing jeans with some sort of top that may or may not be a blouse.  I hate shopping for clothes because it honestly stresses me out.  Not all stores have the same sizing so it is frustrating to be in the dressing room with the wrong size and God forbid you go to a store that doesn’t even carry your size (I’m looking at you , J.Crew).   I always laugh that all my photos look the same because I always have about 4 tops that I normally wear to workout in so I’m a total outfit repeater.  Same goes for my “normal” clothes.  I almost always wear the same outfits.

this is one of my go-to outfits.

this is one of my go-to outfits.

I have so many Pinterest outfits pinned but never even think about shopping for the things I pinned for fear of how they will look on my body.  Riding boots don’t fit my calves, straight jeans make my hips look big, shirts are too tight in shoulders but too loose in waist or vice versa.  It’s always something.   I’m naturally a big-boned girl so even at my smallest I might only be a large.  That’s totally okay with me it just sucks that I can’t find fashion that works for me right now.  I’m not complaining about clothes I’m just stating the stress that I have in finding them thus causing me to be an outfit repeater.  Oh and let me tell you about the picture below.  The other day I *dressed up* and before I walked out the door I got a glance of myself in the mirror and had to back up and just stare.  I felt really skinny.  It may not really look like it but man I felt small and that’s all that matters.  By the way my outfit is totally a repeated outfit and something I would consider dressing up.  Hate all you want to.  123skinny

Three years ago when I did Biggest Winner a girl in my town handed me down a pair of her old Banana Republic jeans.  They were size 14 and I personally think Banana tends to run small anyway so I sort of laughed them off and they wouldn’t even pull up above my knees.  By the time I was through with Biggest Winner they fit like a glove and became my favorite jeans!  They obviously do not fit anymore but I know that they are capable of looking good on my body so I have them on a hanger in plain sight at my house so I can stay motivated to fit into those suckers.  It will happen.  And you all will know about it when it does.  123bananarepublic

This coming fall, I will be student teaching for 18 weeks then hopefully I will land a real teaching job.  Looking professional is something that is obviously required of teachers.  I don’t want to have to wear the same five outfits (given I can actually piece together five appropriate outfits from my current wardrobe) every week.  If I’m going to feel good about my profession then I want to look good too.  It would rock my world to be able to go at the end of next summer and buy an entire new wardrobe to do my teaching in and the clothes actually be cute and comfortable.  If I could buy some pieces from J. Crew, Loft, or The Limited and then of course pieces from the fabulous Target and Belk then I would be one happy gal.  Sometimes it is hard for me to see the end goal since I don’t want it to be entirely weight and scale driven.  I think it would be a good goal for me to be at a good place before next school year starts so I’m able to say a final farewell to my fat clothes and have a presentable wardrobe for my career and for everyday life that I feel confident in and so that I don’t have to be an outfit repeater.

Are you an outfit repeater?  What are some of your staple pieces in your running and “normal” closet?