Clearance and Muscles

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Hope y’all have been having a great week.  I’ve had a lot of free time this week so I took advantage of some outlet shopping with my Momma and really racked up on some deals.  We have a Nike clearance store in the town over from us so we hit up the sales earlier this week and Momma was nice enough to buy me some new clothes in honor of  my graduation!  Thanks, Momma!

I’m not sure if any of you ladies wear Nike tempo shorts, but they are my go-to running item.  They come in so many different colors and pair great over a pair of compression tights.  I wear them pretty much at all times.  However, I am also blessed with larger “child-bearing” hips and Nike tends to run small so their largest size (XL) often doesn’t fit right on my body.  Plus, I wear my shorts high to sort of cover my mid belly pooch so the shorts often are WAY too short for my liking.  But Nike also offers extended sizes for these shorts but can usually only be found online.  I was so fortunate to find some hiding at the Nike store this week and grabbed two pairs since they were only 14 bucks!!  They will make great additions to my running wardrobe and I can wear them with confidence and not worry about them being too short or tight.  nikeclearance

We also bought a pair of Pegasus shoes for walking or just wearing out to the mall or something.  And I scored a new compression sports bra, which is very necessary when it comes to holding the girls down.

With all the free time I’ve had this week, I have been able to get in a three-mile walk every single day.  On Monday, Yvonne joined Momma and I and we went over five miles then late we went back and did three more by ourselves.  I love walking so much and although it isn’t running, it still works my leg muscles and burns calories.

Yesterday, I was able to get in a fabulously sweaty three-mile walk with Momma and I also hit up the gym.  I don’t have a gym membership, but just use the small fitness center at the local country club.  When I did have a gym membership, I would always take group exercise classes and never really focused on individual weights unless I was with a trainer so sometimes it can be very intimidating.  I just did some bench pressing, some resistance machines, some Bosu ball stuff, and dumb bell training.  No specific plan, just did what felt good and left feeling strong.  Of course I didn’t magically wake up this morning with new muscles, but I feel slightly sore and know that what I did yesterday was effective.  C’mon muscle tone, work with me here.  Hopefully I will hit the gym again tomorrow and try some more new things.    gymtime