nashville expo

You know that you have a slight addiction to running when you drive 3 hours just to visit an expo.  The Women’s Half Marathon was today in Nashville, so I drove over yesterday to see the cool vendors that I knew would be at the expo.  I’m a sucker for free schwag.  I did the race last year, but wasn’t willing to make the commitment this year, so I enjoyed the perks of shopping for new running stuff.

Publix running booth

I came away with a whole bagful of goodies, including some Nuun, which I’m dying to try.  I even picked up a few things to send to my girl Vanessa since she won my giveaway.  After visiting the expo and driving all over Nashville, I made a few pitstops for shopping.

donkey crossing?

The Cheesecake Factory was calling my name, so I had to try a slice of red velvet cheesecake.  Too die for!! 

hello 1400 calories. you are SO worth it.

I cannot wait to try out my new products that I got at the expo and even do a few reviews on some of them.  Congrats to all who raced today and Happy Running.