Workout Wednesday: Burpee edition

Here’s a quick, fun, and heart racing workout for y’all on this gorgeous Wednesday.  We call it “Death by Burpees”, but feel free to give it any pet name you prefer.  You all know what a burpee is and if you don’t then a quick Youtube search is bound to give you an easy answer.  The rules of this game are simple.  All you need is yourself and a watch plus fifteen minutes of time to complete it.

Minute 1: Do 1 burpee
Minute 2: Do 2 burpees
Minute 3: Do 3 burpees
Minute 4: Do 4 burpees
Minute 5: Do 5 burpees
Minute 6: Do 6 burpees
Minute 7: Do 7 burpees
Minute 8: Do 8 burpees
Minute 9: Do 9 burpees
Minute 10: Do 10 burpees
Minute 11: Do 11 burpees
Minute 12: Do 12 burpees
Minute 13: Do 13 burpees
Minute 14: Do 14 burpees
Minute 15: Do 15 burpees

Sounds simple, right?  The first six or seven minutes seem easy since you have a ton of time to rest before the next minute starts, but once you get past eight and the rest time gets shorter and shorter you will find yourself winded (hopefully).  The best part is around 13 minutes when there is virtually no rest time and you are forced to do a bunch of reps back to back.  For my burpee sets, I let my body come all the way to the floor as opposed to doing an actual pushup.   I still had to use chest and upper body strength to get off the floor without doing a pushup.  You can modify this anyway you’d like.  And if you hit the ground enough, maybe you’ll get awesome bruised knees like I did. 

Bruised knees are in this season, right?

How is your Wednesday going?  Let me know if you try this quick workout!